I am a coffee drinking, poker playing, atheist, techie; with an interest in computer science, electronics, retro-computing, mind-altering books and acoustic music.

I got my degree in computer science (cand.scient.dat) in 2011 at AAU. I wrote my final thesis on "Energy Efficient Software Updates in Wireless Sensor Networks". Prior to that i have studied electronics at NOEA.

I currently work as an educator at HTX Frederikshavn, EUC Nord, teaching physics, technology (a process oriented class), programming(C# & Java) and digital development and design. (Currently game-development in Godot)

Apart from teaching i also spend time working as a professional coach. I'm self employed in my company proaktivcoaching, where i work as a coach and stress-coach.

For most of my spare time I tinker with free and open source technology, ei. Linux as a platform, fidling with microcontrollers and embedded software in various projects.

To contact me: