Import your youtube rss feed to newsboat

Here is a short guide on how to import export your youtube subscription rss feed, and import them back into newsboat.

First go to in your browser. On the bottom of the page you can download all your subscriptions in a single file, by 'Export subscriptions'. (go ahead download your subscriptions)

If you open your exported rss feed in a text editor (eg.vim) you will see something similar to this :


From ...

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How to play audio that you own

Odd title yes i know. But it is possible in this day and age to be able to buy audio and not be able to play it on a device of your choosing. I have an Sansa Clip that i use when when im exercising, walking the dog etc. A great time to listen to audio books, this is unfortunately difficult due to the restrictions that the fileformat AAX "provides" us.. AAX is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), and as you might have guessed, this is not the users digital rights we are talking about ...

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